EMatrix Training:
E-Matrix Overview Collect more, faster. Reduce Complaints Increase Retention Minimise write-offs Achieve Results Improve Competency

Training Modules

The E-Matrix Training Course

For comprehensive information on the training courses, please refer to the following pdf’s:
The E-Matrix Training Course Outline:

  • Company induction
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  The Legislative Course
  • Privacy in collections
    • Essentials for collection staff
  • ACCC guidelines in debt collection
    • How much do your staff know?
The Negotiation Series
  • Customer engagement in collections
  • Defusing difficult and abusive customers
  • Negotiations 101
    • Make an impact on the first call
    • Pre-call preparation and good voice control
  • Negotiations 102
    • Overcome common objections
    • Assertive language and good call control
  • Negotiations 103
    • Deal appropriately with disadvantaged customers and Centrelink benefits
  • Negotiations 104
    • Create the need to pay
    • Impact words, benefits and consequences
The Advanced Series
  • Negotiations 105
    • Negotiate the best outcomes
    • Profile your customers - assess income and expenditure
  • Negotiations 106
    • Advanced - Understand and deal effectively with small business, use equity in the home and understand the process of selling a house
  • Locations
    • Smart skip tracing techniques to locate missing debtors
  • Credit Defaulting
    • The impact on your customer and how it applies to collection calls
  • Litigation
    • What does it really mean for customers?
  The Leadership Series
  • The First Time Manager
    • Manage the transition and avoid common mistakes
  • Mastering Staff Appraisals
    • A practical guide to improving staff feedback and performance
  • Performance Counselling
    • Manage poor performance and behaviours in your workplace
  • On-the-Job Coaching
    • The skills needed to develop your staff
  • Running a Productive Meeting
    • Get the outcomes you want
  • Beating Time Thieves
    • Manage your time in the workplace



Reforms will affect anyone handling credit and personal information from 12 March 2014. Ensure all staff are trained and up-to-date with our specially designed online training programs.
Training can begin immediately and is completed online.
Each training module has an assessment resulting in a Certificate of Completion ensuring that you and your staff are compliant.
Staff log on independently and complete the training at their own speed.
The comprehensive training will give you and your staff confidence in meeting the new changes.
Training has been developed in conjunction with White Cleland Lawyers, ensuring that compliance is met and reducing the need for you to seek third party advice.

Ematrix Events


19 FEB, 20 FEB & 23 FEB 2015

Significantly improve the way your staff approach debt recovery - get it right from the first phone call, with our workshop essentials.

One day training programs that include proven techniques, tips and tricks to overcome common blocks and objections.

Ematrix Events